A Guide to Shaker Kitchens

What’s a shaker kitchen? Inspired by the mythical Shakers, an early religious sect known for their high quality and intricate craftsmanship, modern shaker style kitchens have a tendency to be extremely practical, simple and easy to clean, making them an perfect choice for those trying to design a contemporary kitchen. In contrast to contemporary industrial kitchens, shaker styled kitchens are developed to match the needs of everyday homeowners, so that they require less space and are much more environmentally conscious than their counterparts. Therefore, if you are thinking of designing a new kitchen for your home or want to redecorate your present kitchen, then it is time to think about shaker style.

One of the most significant differences between shaker design and modern fashions is that shaker kitchens have a more romantic feel to them. Their minimalist design has allowed the kitchen to turn into a focal point of any home. Nearly all contemporary kitchens are rather large and frequently have large countertops and large closets. Whereas, shaker-style kitchens may nevertheless have big kitchen areas, but often the room is much smaller and more intimate, allowing homeowners to invest more time at the kitchen.

Shaker kitchens utilize primarily natural materials including stone and wood and are embellished with shaker furniture, including cabinetry and cupboards. Since they use natural materials, shaker-style kitchens are usually quite elegant in appearance. Some of the most well-known materials used to make shaker-style kitchens include granite, marble and timber, in addition to metal and glass. Glass is often utilized to make China cabinets, as it’s strong and durable. Because of the high price of wood, shakers typically only use good pine, maple, beech or hickory because of their cabinets.

Since a shaker-style kitchen is designed to appear natural, the majority of the fixtures are made from wood. Some of the more popular shaker-style accessories comprise hardware, such as hinges and pulls, in addition to wooden shelves made from metal. To add a little sophistication to your kitchen, many shaker-style kitchens have numerous wooden chairs across the counter, especially facing the sink area, where people are able to enjoy a warm drink after a long day at work.

Shakers kitchens are known for being very spacious and open. Since the focus of this space is on the food prep area, the room is usually free of any unnecessary distractions, which makes it ideal for friends and families who are constantly working around and socialize at the kitchen.

When renovating a shaker-style kitchen, there are several different ways in which to achieve the expression of the traditional kitchen, including a lot of doors and drawers and lots of shelves. Even though a traditional Shaker kitchen might appear claustrophobic, this is not true. Since there is no floor or wall-to-wall area, many shaker-style homes have doors that open on to the ground, making more storage.

Because the focus of the kitchen is on food preparation, there are not many appliances, and all these are usually smaller in size and less costly to buy than modern appliances, like the dishwasher or refrigerator. Modern appliances often use natural gas, propane or electricity for heating, so as to reduce electrical bills.

Due to their simplicity, Shakers are great choices for the active, active household. This is very vital for busy home chefs who are always on the move and cannot afford a large kitchen.

To accomplish a shaker-style home, you can start with remodeling the kitchen so that it uses as many all-natural components as you can, and then you need to add some shaker-style accessories to finish the appearance. For example, you can incorporate shaker taps which are made from glass and stainless steel, rather than plastic.

As soon as you have done all of this, you may then add in certain shaker-style kitchen cabinets. You will find a variety of cabinet styles to select from. Some are made from wood, while some are made from metals, and/or timber veneers.

Shaker-style cabinets also supply much greater maintenance than other kinds of kitchen cabinets. Because they are not made out of wood, they won’t rot, warp or stain. Since they are constructed from natural substances, they are simple to wash and don’t require frequent oiling or painting. In reality, shakers are more likely to stain whether there’s a type of spill.