Martial Arts Background

It is helpful to have a background as a fighter when choosing which martial art to study. While martial arts training may seem specialized, the basics of the various disciplines are the same. There are many types and styles of martial arts. Learn more about the history and origins of each discipline by reading on. This article will discuss the differences between them and why they are so important.


The 1868 opening of Japan to foreigners explains the Western fascination with Japanese unarmed combat. Westerners were eager to learn more about Japanese culture as new arrivals gained access. Sherlock Holmes, who was a victim of Moriarty’s deadly plunge, learns baritsu (a misspelling of grindelwald) and survives. In the White House, Teddy Roosevelt trained in judo. After the Second World War, the popularity of karate worldwide increased.


Choi Hong Hi is believed to have been the first to create taekwondo. But that is not true. He was merely the greatest advocate of the style. The World Taekwondo Federation asserts that it was a collaborative effort and Choi wasn’t responsible for its development. The ITF however credits Choi alone. After a conflict with the South Korean government, Choi started his own organization and taught his martial art to the military.


Although jujitsu has a strong sporting aspect, it can also be used for other purposes. It was originally designed to defeat rivals by disarming or disabling them. Helio Gracie, who was the founder of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, also stressed ground fighting. He also developed the guard for the art, which eventually evolved into Judo. This art is excellent for maintaining good physical condition, regardless of its origins.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai’s unique practices are not to be missed. It is also known for its religious traditions. Headdresses made out of bones from their ancestors are worn on fighters. These amulets may have magical powers that improve their fight performance. They also wear unique headgear and armbands. These are considered sacred and can bring luck and good fortune to fighters. This practice of wearing armbands and headgear has been in existence for hundreds of years.

Krav Maga

Imi Lichtenfeld was brought up in Hungary in 1910. His father taught him boxing and grappling. He joined the resistance against the Nazis and survived Nazi persecution until the end. Imi Lichtenfeld, his family fled the country after the war. Imi learned martial arts as well as boxing while serving with the Israeli Defense Forces. These techniques eventually became known as Krav Maga.

Unarmed martial arts

The origins of unarmed martial art go back to the inception of humankind. Unarmed combat is actually the earliest form of physical warfare. It can be used as a form of martial arts, sport, or even as a way to express your culture. While each culture may have their own styles of martial art, the fundamental foundation of weapon-based styles remains unarmed combat. These combat styles can be traced back to primitive staged combat and ritualized mock combat.

Unarmed mixed martial arts

The Commission has several requirements regarding the qualifications for officials. They must be a member either of an entity that supports unarmed combat, or an independent contractor. The Commission will also review the conduct of ringside physicians, referees, and timekeepers. The Commission has set the total fees for all officials. The Commission also requires that bout agreements be on a Commission form.

Kung Fu

Kung fu is influenced by animal fighting styles. There are five basic foot positions that can be used to initiate various moves. These are the ‘normal upright’, ‘dragon and frog, horse riding, snake, and ‘dragon and frog’ positions. Once mastered, kungfu moves can be advanced to higher proficiency. However, the style is not suited for people with limited physical abilities.

Kung Fu actor

If you love kung Fu films, you may be curious to know more about the background of your favorite actors in martial arts. Vincent Chu, a Kung Fu actor and a household name in modern Kung Fu, has a martial arts background that actually began at a young time. He learned Tai Chi and Wushu while growing up and has since dedicated himself to the art. Another well-known actor is Yuen Wah, who trained under the late Bruce Lee and holds a black belt in the martial art. Other famous actors with a martial arts background include Sho Kosugi, who has a Tai Chi background and has studied under famous Chinese masters, including Yu Jim yuen.

Martial arts background for a fighter in MMA

MMA is a mixed martial arts sport that combines a variety styles, such as boxing and wrestling. Some martial arts work well in MMA. Others don’t. Karate is not suitable for self-defense. However, it can be useful in controlling emotions. Wrestling, on the other hand, involves takedowns, holds, tilts, and pinning combinations. The main goal of wrestling is to control an opponent and take their position. This is one of the oldest combat sports in human history, and wrestlers have dominated MMA since the sport was first invented.