How to Cope With Sensitive Teeth

One in three of us suffers from sensitivity of teeth. And the vast majority of those people treat their condition with various methods. Some of these methods include avoiding certain foods or beverages, using a straw, tongue over the tooth, and other methods. These coping methods can have a huge impact on your quality life. Sensodyne’s campaign film features real people dealing with tooth sensitivity. It shows how common this problem can be.

What are the causes of sensitive teeth. …

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The Benefits of Asian Massage

Asian massage therapy, which is a type of bodywork that uses principles of traditional Asian
medicine, generally refers to “touch-based therapy”. Although different kinds of Asian massage
have varying effects on the body, they all aim to rejuvenate the entire system and bring relief
from physical and mental stress. This type of massage is highly beneficial for many people.
Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits that Asian massage offers. These are
the most commonly used types.
Asian …

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